February 27, 2016

Greetings from Indo!

Apa kabar!....hello from Indonesia! Just wanted to post a quick update for those who are following our trip via this blog. We've made it through our first 2 long flights  (Chicago-Tokyo, and Tokyo- Jakarta), and are just now waiting to board our last flight in a few hours...the shortest flight of our trip (2.5 hrs)! Praise God that the first 2 flights went smoothly and no luggage has been lost so far! We are gearing up for the hot temps here...right now, it's 86 degrees in Jakarta! We're all a bit groggy and a bit confused on what time and day it is, but we're doing well. :) Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement so far!

Until next time,
selamat tinggal! (goodbye)

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