February 2, 2016

Ways YOU can help!

For a missionary to be on the mission field, there needs to be a BIG team of people behind them. Sometimes there are supply buyers - the ones who help missionaries have what they need so they can focus on doing the work (and not on grocery shopping or driving around from store to store). There are office workers who help handle Visas and passport details and travel stuff and all things administrative. There are supporters who give monthly so that missionaries can GO and STAY on the field and have their needs met. There are groups like our team who go for a short time and meet those missionaries right where they are at - sometimes tired and weary - and we love and encourage them and put on a conference for them so they can rest and be rejuvenated in God's Word.

And then there is YOU - who helps make that possible! See how it all works together to make one gigantic team of people making a difference for the Lord in the world? :) Well, as we prepare for this trip we have lots of ways YOU can help! Check them out below and join our team!


Add us to your prayer journal, your calendar, write our names on your hands... anything to remember to pray for our team as we prepare and go to Indonesia. A prayer list will be posted shortly!

Provide Supplies for the Conference
We have a list of supplies that we'll need for our kids program. If you'd like to purchase something for us to take to Indonesia to use for the conference, click on this link to find an Amazon Wish list! These items will be left there for the missionaries to use in the future (so its a double-blessing for them!).

Also, if you have any of these items at home that you'd like to donate, let me know! They don't need to be brand new!

Amazon Wish List: https://amzn.com/w/2HAAJCQYXSQ3Q
Note: Please keep in mind shipping times! All items must arrive at Park Community Church no later than Wednesday, February 24th in order to make it into our suitcases! The shipping address listed on the Amazon wish list should be just fine to send to ( which is Joanna Kitchener, 1001 N Crosby St., Chicago IL 60610).

Send Gifts to the Missionaries

We also want to say a "thank you" to the missionaries for serving and bring them some of their favorite American treats from home. :) We compiled a list of some of their favorite things from home, or even things that they cannot find in Indonesia (like peanut butter, chocolate chips, baking vanilla, different candies, etc.) If you would like to contribute to our gift bags for each missionary, then visit the Google Sheet below and see what items we are wanting to bring. There are instructions on the sheet to help let us know when items have been purchased!

Google Sheet - Gifts for Missionaries: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13MiBZEQVQ8wdVl-Mlwnc4HM3unhRftUCEt68OIYS34Q/edit?usp=sharing

Send the Team

Our team is 75% funded for this trip! If you would like to help us get fully supported, click on the link below to support us through our church website (you will need to log-in and possibly make an account to do it this way). If you would prefer to send a check, mail a check made out to "Park Community Church" to the address below. Please don't put any team members names or write "Indonesia" anywhere on the check. All donations are tax-deductible!

Link to support: http://bit.ly/23Fwi48
Mail Checks to:
Park Community Church
c/o Joanna Kitchener
1001 N Crosby St
Chicago IL 60610

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